Inspire to sparkle series #1//SOPHIE FAITH

Today we spoke with Sophie Faith about what's hot right now for the first in a series of interviews we will be curating. We hope to provide a platform for the people that inspire us to create and sparkle just like they do!

First things first, who are you and what are you up to at the moment?

I’m Sophie Faith, a jazz soul singer living in north London. I've just released my first single Bad Blood from my forthcoming EP that’s due to drop next year...


Catch Sophie supporting Rexx Life Raj on the 4th of December in Highbury...


or follow on insta @iamsophiefaith

And onto our 6 sparkling questions...

1. Where does glitter appear most in your life?
On the soles of my feet from hanging around with you guys so much!
2. Describe Disco Dust in three words
Fun, Exciting, nessecary
3. If your out to impress, which DD product will dish you up best?
Biodegradable red chunky mix, it's all smooth and sparkly and stays strong in sessions.
4. If you were a shade of glitter, what would you call yourself and why?
Faithful...because the glitter never let's you down.
5. What are your top tips for applying your DD Glitter and how did you create your look?
Good gel, I actually really love the Disco Glue, a little brush for detail and tape to remove the excess and keep it sharp.(inspired by your tutorial with Bea Sweet!)
6. What would you like to see us do more/less of in the future?(*SPOILER ALERT!*)
I wanna see Disco Dust worldwide and can’t wait for the new brushes to drop next year! 

...If you'd like to be included in our 'Inspire to sparkle' series, tag us on insta @discodustlondon in one fabulous photo of you wearing your best Disco Dust look and tell us your top tip for applying your sparkle!
Feel free to be as creative as you like! Glitter has no boundaries and we hope to hear from all genders, ages, races!

With Love,
Disco Dust Team X

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