How to create these pink glitter disco nails

Photo cred : Lily Ann Galt Mcloughlin

Makeup/nail art : Disco Dust Creative Team

Model : Milligan Beaumont and Benny, our favourite sparkle dog 🖤

-Ensuring your nails are clean, apply your desired nail polish or base coat of choice,  here we used the clear 3ina 5in1 base nail polish

-Whilst still wet, we sprinkled the pink chunky mix glitter over the polish. You can also gently dab the wet nail straight into the glitter or use a brush to build a denser glitter coverage. Some colour from the glitters may run depending on what chemicals are in your polish, the blue has been reported to run the most but this is very rare that we have found this, since it's such a new product we'd love to know how you find it!

-Wait till your polish dries and seal with a top coat for extra strength and longer lasting protection.

-Remove as you would remove your usual nail polish.

 -Check out more tutorials over on our blog, or send us your tutorials by tagging @discodustlondon on instagram!

 All of our glitter is EN71 and FDA compliant. With this certification, all DISCO DUST LONDON Glitter is safe to be used by children and For Cosmetic Purposes.
Keep glitter away from Eyes, if irritation occurs wash the area with water. If the problem persists seek medical advice.
Not suitable for Consumption.

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