How to apply glitter to your eyes


Photo cred : Lily Ann Galt Mcloughlin

Makeup Artist : Theresa Davies

Model : Bluebell Williams

-Ensure skin is clean and dry before applying.

-Eyes are an extra sensitive area so we need to be aware of the warnings. Glitter is a foreign object and although all of our products are tested as cosmetically safe for skin contact, if any foreign object goes near you eyes, it can cause irritation. We therefore do not recommend the glitters to be used too close your eyes (especially not the extra chunky glitters). Same goes for the adhesive, we don't recommend any chemicals near your eyes folks, we need them eyes to see how fabulous we look -am I right?!

-We would also recommend using a primer for sensitive areas to give that extra protection to the skin, this is just a recommendation, take it or leave it 🖤.

-Apply your disco glue or alternate eye-safe glitter fix gel/balm to the area that you wish your glitter to go. You can use a brush or your fingertips to apply, your 4th finger is the softest so that's what we'd use for for the best application.

(Our disco glue is great for kids and for sensitive skin as it's completely natural and unscented, it dries and it feels super light so there's no heavy chemicals or cracking at the end of the day!)

-Using the sticky residue from the glue to collect your sparkles, dip your brush/fingertips into your glitter of choice and apply over your fixing gel. we used the fine silver biodegradable glitter here, and created a colourful liner using eye shadow cream products from 3ina.

-Remove glitter from your skin using a cosmetic tape, face wipe, make up remover, or warm soapy water. 

-Check out more tutorials over on our blog, or send us your tutorials by tagging @discodustlondon on instagram

 All of our glitter is EN71 and FDA compliant. With this certification, all DISCO DUST LONDON Glitter is safe to be used by children and For Cosmetic Purposes.
Keep glitter away from Eyes, if irritation occurs wash the area with water. If the problem persists seek medical advice.
Not suitable for Consumption.


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